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ATTENDANCE 20-Y2 Voting Cabinet: District Governor Jace Tuccio, PDG Mary Jane Ralston CS/T, Vice District Governor Tom Nowicki, IPDG Surnoff Judy, RC Krista Pembroke, ZC Fred Chambers, ZC Tom Snowdon and ZC Sheila Nason Past District Governors (not listed in other groups): PDGs Conroy Beebie, Orville Curtiss, Dave Ramsey, Peter Wilson Committee Chairs, Members (not listed in other groups): PDG Dick Nason, PDG Dick Ralston, PDG Roger Swartfiguer, Lions Tom Kevlin, Anthony Lanzi, Neila Norwicki, Mike O’Brien, Verna Plummer, Scott Rager, Joan Scott, Bill Suchy CLUB Albany & Troy: Mike O'Brien (listed above) Broadalbin/Perth: Pres Tom Kevlin (listed above), Sec; Bill Suchy (listed above), Val Kelvin Central Mohawk Valley: Francelia Plank Sec., David Plank and Fred Chambers (listed above) Duane: Mary Grimm Sec., Bonnie Keller, Laurie Meyer, Lisa Murphy Galway: Edwin Pike Pres, listed above: DGE Tom Nowicki, Neila Norwicki, PDG Orville Curtiss Sec Glens Falls: Karen Rager Sec., also listed above Scott Rager Pres, PDG Dick Nason and Sheila Nason Gloversville: Fran Mezza Pres, Dick Fisher Sec., Josie Fisher, listed above PDG Conroy Beebie Hadley/Luzerne Lions: Lioness/Lion Mary Claire Noakes, VDGE Joan Scott (listed above) Johnstown: PDG Peter Wilson (listed above) New Hartford: PDG Roger Swartfiguer Pres. Krista Pembroke (both listed above) Northville/Sacandaga: Lion Cindy Galpin, all listed above: DG Jace Tuccio, PDG Mary Jane Ralston, PDG Dick Ralston, and Anthony Lanzi Richmondville/Cobleskill: IPCT Christine Judy, and listed above: IPDG Surnoff Judy, PDG Dave Ramsey Town of Greenfield: Cathy Chandler Tr., Becky Earls, listed above Verna Plummer Town of Wright Schoharie Valley: ZC Tom Snowdon Sec. listed above

DG Jace called the meeting to order at 2:00PM and welcomed all present. Lion Cindy Galpin led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Zone Chairperson Tom Snowdon led us in the Lions Prayer. Secretary/Treasurer Report Minutes of the February 3, 2007 cabinet meeting held at the Holiday Inn in Johnstown were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by ZC Tom Snowdon, seconded by DGE Tom Nowicki to accept the minutes. Motion carried Treasurer’s report was presented by CS/T Mary Jane Ralston. Motion to approve was made by IPDG Surnoff Judy seconded by ZC Tom Snowdon. Motion carried 1

District Governor Comments DG Jace congratulated the Saratoga Springs Lions on the great job they did for the New York State & Bermuda State Convention on April 26-29, 2007. He thanked them for all they did to make the convention a success. DG Jace announced that the MD20 Dues increase of $5.00 per year did not pass. Two thirds of the votes were needed for the dues increase to be accepted. He thanked all the Lions who stepped forward to support him this year. Region L Region I Amsterdam Lions Club members provided two people with eyeglasses. They held a Bingo pizza party for eight visually handicapped people. Made donations to sight services and youth services. Broadalbin-Perth Lions club purchased three pairs of eyeglasses for Broadalbin-Perth students. Sent a child to Long Island, NY for eye surgery which was successful and child is doing well. Several donations have been made and several fund raisers are being planned. Central Mohawk Lions Club has made numerous donations, provided eye exam and eyeglasses. The Ballston Spa Lions Club has made various donations to sight, hearing and community programs. Galway Lions Club has made numerous donations and held several fund raisers. The club members are to hold a amblyopia screening of children in May – conducted their annual diabetes walk-a-thon – provided a scholarship to high school graduate. Gloversville Lions Club conducted fund raisers and made numerous donations. Several members attended the MD20 State convention in Saratoga – presenting a $1,000 scholarship to a high school graduate. The Johnstown Lions Club purchased 10 pairs of eye glasses – made several visitations to another clubs – inducted four new members – gave out $3,140 in scholarships – participated in community Victorian Stroll Event – conducted a fund raiser – member attended the MD20 State convention. The Northville-Sacandaga Lions club has made numerous donations – held a Chilly Chili Cook-Off and planning a Wing Fling fund raiser in May. Members will be going to the Double H Ranch to help with spring clean-up. The Town of Greenfield Lions members attended Zone Social – had representatives at the MD20 State Convention – work crew will be going to Camp Badger in May to help with spring clean-up - held several fund raisers – club published the convention magazine – Lion Ed Stano was presented with the Past District Governor’s Leasership Award at the state convention. Region Chairperson Linda also stated that a Region I-Zone B meeting was held in April. Guest speaker was Steve Gannon from the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Utica. Region O – Zone B Region O-Zone B chairperson, Tom Snowdon reported that the Duane Lions Club has made numerous donations – planning a July fund raiser – hosted a Zone B zone meeting for the district governor’s visitation – Lion Steve Perog attended Lion’s UN day together with seven Leo Club members. The Richmondville/Cobleskill Lions Club made donations to sight and hearing projects – conducted several fund raisers – working with Two of Wright-Schoharie Valley club on Armed Forces Day USO show in May. Rotterdam Lions club members donated money for eyeglasses for person in need. The Town of Wright/Schoharie Valley Lions have inducted one new member and accepted a transfer from Canaseraga Lions - donated to sight and community projects. Working with Richmondville/Cobleskill Lions club to host a USO type show on May 19th 2

Region N Zone A Chairperson, Lion Sheila Nason, reported that a joint meeting with Zone A and B clubs was held with DG Jace Tuccio as the guest speaker. The group voted to make the GF Center for the Hearing Impaired their zone project. Fort Edward Lions members are preparing for their annual Drum Corps Show which will be held in July. They also donated money to a high school student for a trip to Washington DC with other students. The Glens Falls Lions Club volunteered 22.5 hours as traffic marshals for the annual Shamrock Shuffle 5-mile road race that benefits the Special Olympics. They participated in a joint service club project/fundraiser with Rotary and Kiwanis to raise money for a new field house in Crandall Park in Glens Falls. The club has made donations to numerous sight, hearing and diabetes projects. The Granville Lions Club members have made numerous donations for sight, hearing and community needs. Members held a Spring Bloodmobile project and are preparing for the annual Furniture Sales project. The Hadley-Luzerne Lions members participated in the zone project for the Glens Falls Hearing Association – made a pledge to Campaign SightFirst II. The Lions spent many hours planning for and setting up the Lions Store at the Convention. The club is also proud to announce that one of its members, Joan Scott, was elected as Vice District Governor for 2007-2008. Campaign Sight First II: PDG Roger Swartfiguer stated that the Campaign Sight First II project has another year to run. About $86 millions has been raised and hope to raise $90 million by July in time for the International Convention as the Lions organization will be 90 years old. It is suggested that all clubs that have made zero donations make a commitment of some sort. Lion Anthony Lanzi, Convention & Meetings Co-Chairperson, announced there are 40 attending the cabinet meeting today and 90 will be attending the Testimonial and Awards dinner tonight. Empire State Speech and Hearing Camp– PDG Mary Jane announced that PDG Joe Jarvis has provided some pamphlets on the summer activities at the camp and are available today. Lion Scott Rager, LCIF Chairperson, announced that he has conducted three LCIF presentations (Glens Falls, Hadley-Luzerne and Ballston Spa). Total MJFs in the District are 248 along with 7 progressive MJFs. Six MJFs have been named this year with three in the third quarter. There are still 10 unnamed MJFs pending this the district. Lion Scott urged all of the clubs to initiate the process of recognition. Lioness/Lion Neila Nowicki, Lioness Club Chairperson, Amsterdam Lionettes inducted a new member – scholarship to be given to a female graduating senior at Amsterdam High School – member Mary Concurra passed away. Galway Lioness conducted several fund raisers and are planning a Spring Fling dinner event. A scholarship for Community Service Award will be given. The Gloversville Auxiliary conducted several fund raisers. The Granville Lioness members conducted a musical presentation fund raiser – contributed food items to local food pantry and will hold annual road race and antique appraisal in June. Hadley-Luzerne Lioness Club - Lionesses held several fund raisers, 13 Lioness worked 40.5 hours delivering and selling Daffodils for Cancer Society, three Lioness spent 126 hours knitting 63 afghan squares for the Warm Up America Project – and a total of 133 items were collected for the local Church Food Pantry. VDGE Joan Scott, MD20 Magazine Chairperson stated that she needs information for the MD20 Magazine and encouraged the clubs to submit articles. DGE Tom Nowicki introduced the MERL Team members. The Membership-Orientation Co-Chairperson, Lion Bill Suchy announced that Lion Tom Kelvin and he will be the Membership-Orientation Co-Chairpersons for 2007-2008. They are more then willing to 3

come to your clubs and present their program. They especially would like to hear from the clubs in the western area. Extension – DG Jace stated that the Shenendehowa Lions club is down to four members. A club for them to branch off of is being looked into. There is still a Leo Club in the Shenendehowa School and we would like for that to continue. Leadership Chairperson PDG Dick Ralston – PDG Dick announced the Lions Clubs International has a brand new leadership ;program on their web site and encouraged members to use this program. PDG Dick Ralston, Newsletter Co-Editor stated that PDG Dave Harris will be the Newsletter Editor for 2007-2008. PDG Roger Swartfiguer (Lions Foundation at Albany Report) – PDG Roger announced that the conference room in the new building has been completed. The wall of honor has also been completed. Tours of the building will be started in September, 2007. Trustee, PDG Dave Ramsey, of the NYS & Bermuda Lions Foundation announced the Foundation is looking into other alternatives for fund raisers. The raffle project is not enough for the Foundation to honor all the grant requests that they receive. Several clubs have the privilege to name a Robert J. Uplinger and encouraged them to do this as the privilege is only good for three years after it is sent to the club. Hearing Team – In the report received from Lion Jim Clark (Hearing Conservation Society President) he stated that the society is still working on the opening of the ninth Loan-Out Center at the Office of the Aging in Cobleskill. An article giving the history of how the District 20Y2 Lions LoaOut Centers were started and the need to help the deaf and hard of hearing population was placed in the national publication magazine called “Hearing Health”. It is being looked into placing new captioning telephones in the Loan-Out Centers. If your club would like a presentation on this CapTel phone and the new service, contact Lion Sandie Clark. The Hearing Conservation Society hooked up the FM System with the help of the Hotel for the opening ceremony at the MD20 state convention. Six receivers were handed out. Individual Lions who used them were impressed. One gentleman said to us that this was the first time he could understand the speaker. The tour of the Saratoga Hearing Center at the MD20 state convention this year was a success. Special thanks to Lions Grady Aronstamm, Bill Suchy, PDG Surnoff Judy, Christine Judy and Mary Grimm for their assistance at the convention. The Society is still working the the Eye Institute and the Lions foundation in exploring ways they can work together of help individuals with hearing problems. Many requests have been approved to help individuals purchase hearing aids and other devices. Hearing aids are still being collected. Lion Bill Suchy stated at the meeting that representatives from the Society have been invited downstate to talk with clubs about the establishing load-out centers.


Vacation Camp for the Blind – Lion Mike O’Brien reported that he participated in the Lions District 20R1 Walk-a-thon in Pamona. He also attended the VCB Executive committee Meeting held in April at the VCB. For the second year in a row the Lions fund raising goal for the camp of $90,000 has been off by $5,000 and the funds have had to be found from other sources. It was suggested efforts be made to get Lions clubs in other parts of New York State, not just the down-state ones, to attend some of the Executive Committee Meetings either at the camp or at Selis Manor in New York City to learn first-hand about VCB’s work. To ease the transportation burden, Lion Mike suggested the possibility of several clubs chartering a bus or two, which interested people would ride at there expense to see the camp and attend the committee meeting. VCB’s golf outing is scheduled for September 20th at Mount Kisco Country Club with a $50,000 fund raising goal. Camp improvement projects include a new Fire alarm system and hydrants, a new doc at the lake, new ventilation system for the Sylvester cottages to remove excess humidity, and increased electric and new internet wireless service in the Gym to accommodate the adaptive technology needs of a new employment program being held this summer. Four hundred different campers attend VCB during the summer with several of them attending multiple summer sessions and other sessions during the rest of the year. Readers Digest provided a grant to help VCB underwrite the cost of a new program called Building your Future. It will be held at the camp July 25th through July 29th and is designed to help people with vision impairments gain the practical skills they need to improve changes of finding or upgrading their employment. Campers for this session pay $25.00 which includes attendance, food and lodging for the entire program, and bus transportation to and from New York City. Webmaster, A report was submitted by Lion Jerry Gordon stating that 36 or 65.5% of the clubs have submitted 2006-2007 information on the district website. If your club has not submitted updated information or no information at all since 2003-2004, please contact Lion Jerry at [email protected] or (518) 235-8232 and he will tell you who your cyber-rep is and how to fix the situation. To see what your club listing looks like, go to www.20Y2Lions.org and click on “Clubs of 20Y2”. There is a new feature on the 20Y2 web site. It’s a monthly schedule of club meetings and other district events. Its main benefit to you is that you can easily find out what’s coming up so you can arrange inter-club visitations, or avoid conflicts when scheduling your own events. Lions Youth and Lions Quest: Co-Chairperson Verna Plummer announced that all clubs still have some time to submit payment and the name of a sophomore student to participate in the HOBY seminar. The HOBY seminar is June 1 thru 3, at the College of Saint rose. Lion Verna stated the the Town of Greenfield Lions Club has just awarded two $500 scholarships. One was given to Nikki Wendell of the Corinth High School, and one to Samantha Lawrence of the Saratoga Springs High School. The scholarships are payable upon completion of their first semester of college. She encouraged other clubs to start a scholarship program in their club. She announced that the Peace Poster kits are now available from LCI. You should place your order now in order to get the information to your local school before the school year ends. Lion Verna stated that she appreciated the opportunity to serve as Co-Youth Chairperson.


Old Business – SEE Core 4 Grant A motion was made by DGE Tom Nowicki and seconded by IPDG Surnoff Judy to defer the Core 4 Grant to next years cabinet. Motion carried. New Business CS/T Mary Jane read letters received from the Lions Foundation at Albany, Inc and the Lions Eye Institute at Albany, Inc naming trustees to be added to the organizations and requesting cabinet approval. A motion was made by ZC Tom Snowdon and seconded by DGE Tom Nowicki to accept the nominees for the Lions Foundation (Lion Mary Fleming and Lion William Suchy) to the Board of Directors for District 20-Y2. Motion carried A motion was made by ZC Sheila Nason and seconded by ZC Tom Snowdon to accept the nominees for the Lions Eye Institute (PDG Conroy Beebie and Lion John Croft) to the Board of Directors for District 20-Y2. Motion carried VDG Remarks DGE Tom stated that three of his goals for 2007-2008 are as follows: ¾ Campaign SightFirst II ¾ All children in 20-Y2 receive eye screening during the year ¾ Increase membership DGE Tom stated that one thing he wants us to never lose sight of is our purpose which is to change the outcome of people’s lives. DG Closing Remarks DG Jace presented Certificates of Service to numerous Lions as a thank you for jobs well done this year. He thanked everyone for making him what he is today and is looking forward to soon being a PDG. DG Jace presented the MD20 Leadership Medal to PDG Dick Ralston. He also announced that he had presented the International President’s Leadership Medal to PDG Mary Jane Ralston during the open ceremonies at the MD20 State Convention. He also stated that he has a MD20 Membership Award to be presented to the Sauquoit Valley Lions Club for their increase of 12 members this year. DG Jace recognized “first timers” to the meeting – Lions Laurie Meyer and Lisa Murphy from the Duane Lions club. DG Jace asked all club secretaries to please see that their club’s PU101 has been turned into the incoming District Secretary, Orville Curtiss. DGE Tom needs this information for compiling the District Directory for 2007-2008. Raffle winners: A 50-50 Raffle was conducted by PDG Dave Ramsey. DGE Tom was the winner. Meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, PDG Mary Jane Ralston Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer 6

TESTIMONIAL DINNER AND AWARDS The following award recipients were as follows: District 20-Y2 Melvin Jones Fellow

Lion Mike Tobin (Scotia-Glenville Lions Club) He was not present. DG had presented the recognition to him on May 1st.

District Governor Contest Awards

Hadley-Luzerne Lions Club Northville-Sacandaga Lions Club Hadley-Luzerne Lioness Club

Certificates of Service

DG Jace presented these to the Lions who were not in attendance at the Cabinet Meeting

District Lion of the Year

Lion Mary Grimm (Duane Lions Club)

District Leo of the Year

Leo Chelsey Hochmuth (Duane Leo Club)

Gifts were presented to DG Jace as a thank you and sign of appreciation for his outstanding service to the Lions, Lioness and Leos of District 20-Y2.


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